'Aerial 1080 Is The Driftnet Of The Forest' 

An Indiscriminate Killer.

Above: is the eco toxin warning icon the 1080 manufacturer says must be used, but DOC/OSPRI dont use it.


1080 Effects On Soil and Plants:


The NZ Department of Conservation will tell you that there is no effect on soil after using Compound 1080 poison. However when you look at the area were Compound 1080 poison bait stations have been located the area around the bait stations have dead grass and foliage.


J A Peters 1970 FRI, came to the conclusion that 1080 is toxic to plants.

When 1080 breaks down in the soil, the remaining element, fluoride, is released unbound. Fluoride is highly toxic to mammals because it displaces iodine which regulates immune function amongst other things.


Despite public concern and recommendation below by J.A. Peters of the New Zealand Forest Service, exhaustive testing has never been done on 1080 in the environment




"In common with other toxic pesticides, there are several reasons for making the behaviour of sodium fluoroacetate (Compound 1080 or SFA) in the environment the subject of detailed investigations. One reason concerns the effectiveness of its application to diminish vertebrate pest populations. The central question here is how the desired control effect can be achieved with the lowest possible dosage. Another reason is that the use of SFA, or its derivatives, can have undesirable side effects, such as secondary hazards to man and protected species, both during and after the intended control period. Once the toxin has been distributed, control over its effects on other environmental components has essentially been lost. Also, it must be recognized that the ultimate fate of the toxin lies in the soil. Its effects on soil microbe populations, soil absorption, structure and transport deserve consideration since these interactions contribute to possible contamination of downstream waters." Read the full report


In 2010 visiting American scientist Dr Jason Byrd also pointed out that plants have a Krebs cycle, and depending on dose, could be negatively affected by up taking 1080. (Once again, depending on dose) This could translate into poor flowering, or growth for example. This would create shortage of fruit & seeds, flowers for nectar feeders, bush regeneration impacting on all aspects of the forest ecosystem.

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