'1080 is the driftnet of the forest'  An indiscriminate killer.


Some quick facts:


NZ is the largest consumer of 1080, using 80% of the world's production of 1080. It is banned in most parts of the world due to the high risk using and possessing 1080 carries.


Effects On Human Health:


  • 4000kg of pure 1080 is enough to kill 2,840,000 people (Two million eight hundred and forty thousand people. And thats how much NZ currently uses per year.
  • 1 teaspoon full is enough to kill over 100 people
  • A match head's worth is sufficient to kill one person.
  • 1080 is linked to male infertility and miscarriages.
  • 1080 is dangerous to human health in minute quantities - parts per trillion.
  • These sublethal doses can cause damage to organs including heart, liver, lungs, testes and kidneys.  Organs with high metabolic demands (heart, testes) are the most affected(http://www.toxipedia.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=6015922)
  • Rare cancers have also been reported more frequently in areas of repeated use.
  • Pure 1080 is colourless, and odourless and is water soluble. Compound 1080 was the only chemical weapon reportedly found in Saddam Hussein's possession. 
  • Handling procedures of 1080 have been lacking due care, and there have been reports of deaths and illness related to 1080 exposure which are never brought to justice.


Effects On Animals:


  • 1080 is toxic to all air-breathing organisms It works by disrupting the 'Krebs Cycle', interrupting the metabolism and starving vital organs.
  • 1080 poisoning results in a slow and inhumane death.
  • 1080 is an insecticide. During the process of Aerial application, 1080 dust and pellets settle in the canopy of trees and bees and insects are killed. 
  • There is no known antidote for this deadly poison.
  • Secondary poisoning - Dead animals are poisonous until completely decomposed - decomposition is hampered by the destruction of microbes, so carcasses lay intact for prolonged periods, waiting for a victim.
  • Annually over 60 dogs die from 1080 every year through secondary poisoning along with Kea, birds of prey and insect eaters
  • Helicopters drop bait indiscriminately & kill every creature in the food chain. · 1080 seeps into drinking water through the ground, catchment areas, lakes & streams, increasing the risk of heart, lung problems in humans and decreased fertility.
  • 1080 is linked to male infertility and miscarriages - this applies to humans, birds and animals, even marine creatures.


· The first creatures to repopulate an area after 1080 are RATS, the logic is flawed.


Effects On Soil:


1080 and Water:




This "conservation" method is a sham, it hasnt worked in 60 years it needs to stop NOW!



The main advocates of 1080 are:

The New Zealand department of Conservation (DOC & Battle for our Birds campaign),

The Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand (Forest and Bird) 

Predator Free New Zealand

Regional councils

OSPRI - (TB Free programme)


Clean Conservation 

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Poison Free New Zealand Facebook