Below: Children are being brainwashed  at a young age to value some animals less than others at a visit from Wellington City Council Park Rangers. Primary Schools and Kindergartens are regularly visited by DOC and Forest and Bird Rangers to educate children about possums and predators. 



“Evolution is one of the most important ideas in human intellectual history and students have the right to learn it. The common ancestry of living things and the mechanism of inheritance explain why the things are the way they are. Students and adults deprived of this knowledge are scientifically illiterate and ill prepared in a global, competitive world.”

Our world is in fatal competition among the various religions. There should be a few restrictions. Those who are intolerent creationists or those who display a specific religious garb should not teach science in our schools because of their own distorted influence on our small innocent children. (Scientific American, Oct. 23):



With the abuse of toxins in the environment the agencies who dispense them need to prove justification for their use, in preference over more natural, species specific and humane control methods. 


Poison free New Zealand believes every animal has it's place in the environment, some introduced species continuing the job of extinct natives. We have changed the course of evolution and because we introduced some species without due care, while many believe nature find's it's own balance, some predator control is not the issue, but the way in which it is carried out.


All of our predators and so called pests in New Zealand have been introduced to New Zealand in earlier times to perform an economic use with the exception of rodents.


Why in New Zealand are children indoctrinated at a very early age that some animals are good and some are bad?


Of course we have a very delicate ecosystem, and our native birds have evolved without predators, which makes NZ a unique case for conservation, but is it right to teach children that some animals are pests and leave the impression it's ok to kill, or be cruel to, possums and other introduced animals, within the group identified by government agencies, as pests?


In New Zealand we see and hear of many cases of outright cruelty of live animals and disrespect of the animal's corpse.


Studies have shown for many years that there are serious and often fatal links between animal cruelty by children, to criminal offending towards humans such as rape and homicide when those children grow up with cruel minds.


Predator Free NZ, DOC, Forest & Bird, and regional councils use the most inhumane methods to kill animals such as 1080, it has to follow in the minds of children that this is OK. This is the mentality behind shooting pet cats with bow and arrow, burning alive puppies and kittens and many of the horrors reported to have been bestowed on companion animals and pets over the years.  The use of 1080 and other nightmare pesticides are a fast track to desensitising young minds to animal suffering.


In the year our Animal Rights Bill has been amended to give animals even more rights to protection from cruelty we are still seeing a huge precedent by the use of 1080 and Broadifacoum and other excruciating ways to kill an animal, and the precedent this sets to the wider community is unacceptable. 



Articles: NZ School condemned internationally for teaching children immoral acts in a 'possum throwing competition' Read more from The Telegraph, UK.



School Told Off for Possum Throwing

TV3 News Video. In this TV news video, (1minute in) a child says he sees no difference between shooting a possum and throwing it around as sport, to 1080 poisoning and rodeos, all good fun, prizes and the possum is dead so it doesn't mind? 



New Zealand Kids Kill Possums for Fun & Games

“They’re country kids, so they loved dealing with dead possums!" Psychology Today Nov 05, 2015


Vermin Hunt Benefits School - Wanganui Chronicle 2015


In the USA, Starting in 2016, The FBI are upgrading animal abuse to a Top Tier Felony. Those who abuse animals will be held just as accountable as someone who abuses a human.Young people who torture and kill animals are prone to violence against people later in life if it goes unchecked, studies have shown. A new federal category for animal cruelty crimes will help root out those pet abusers before their behavior worsens and give a boost to prosecutions, an animal welfare group says.


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