Through the eyes of regular people who have witnessed 1080 poisoning.


Is this acceptable in the name of pest control? Does any of this sound familiar to you?

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  • "Nothing moved, grasshoppers, lizards, skylarks, etc. We lost a couple of wethers, a house cow, feral goats all dead, quail, hawks and the target rabbits. It was like walking into a tomb." Graham Lloyd


  • "Yes have watched a farmer tube feed his dog milk hoping to dilute the 1080.Whole time she was seizing and pawing the ground in circles from the pain." Jay Sophia Blue


  • "Seen a few dogs die with 1080. One raced round and round the house shitting itself everywhere, howling and crying, shaking with terrors." Pureora Forest Farmi


  • "the hunting dogs started barking and howling. Horrifyingly, they started chewing through the wire mesh. They were crazed, and their eyes were bloodshot and full of panic." Through the Eyes of a Six-Year-Old


  • "The green dye of the 1080 was . . . leaching through the almost transparent belly skin of the rats, into the drinking water." Tony Wall and Blair Ensor


  • "Then it started yowling and climbed under the house and crawled to the most inaccessible spot and died many hours later in agony." 


  • "Gary heard a dog beginning to squeal like a pig. He did his best to help the dog but it was almost demented and it broke free from him" The day the Te Puru burst it's banks


  • "After a seizure she would scream again, get up and run into the walls. Then she would seize again. She repeated this over and over again until she was dead" Ronda Klotz


  • "he was told there had been 1080 dropped several weeks before but it was now safe and the dogs would be OK......!! NOT so.... he lost his two beautiful valuable working huntaways" Linda Cottle


  • "The bastards were dropping it from such a great height; there was no controlling where it landed. We found pellets in the water and all over the river bank" 1080 dropped on trout fishermen


  • "Even the hawks succumbed to 1080. I had to get off my bike and go and put the odd pig deer out of its misery. They can make an eerie screaming noise when dying from 1080." Stewart Shand


  • "One friend lost 3 dogs to 1080 in her own yard. Another neighbor lost 30 farmed deer. The public is told-thru the news- 1080 is dropped in remote areas only. This is a lie." Janice Schofield Eaton


  • "The poor dogs went loopy. They were literally climbing the curtains and were in absolute agony." Vix J Ford


  • "All the deer and pigs in the area are long gone along with the Kea and Falcons and all other bird life bar the odd robin" Craig Dillon


  • "the first possum died after about 12 hours the second we killed our selves in the morning when we woke up it had been 32 hours" Kenneth Withy


  • "The birds are long gone, but the rats and possums are more than ever." Maria Motyl


  • "First thing you notice is there was no bird song, literally, none at all and a faint odor of something dead in the air" Brendon Bates


  • "And so the kids and I were forced to listen to our pets howl and scream in pain as they convulsed and died." Michelle Cottage



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