About Us


We are a non profit group of individuals from every corner of New Zealand and beyond. We all come from diverse backgrounds. Our group is comprised of people from various online and offline groups. The common bond being dedication to the principles of protecting the environment without:


  • Undue animal cruelty
  • Eco-toxic pesticides & herbicides
  • Risk to human health through poisoned waterways and food sources.


We Value:


  • The life of every creature, be it deemed a pest or an economic resource is a sentient being.
  • Where animals can be used as economic resource they should be
  • The New Zealand culture which includes simple enjoyment of the forest, rivers and sea, for tramping, swimming, boating, fishing and hunting and gathering, for these things often bring together families and friends.
  • We want the real deal, a Clean Green Environment free of poisons. We aim to educate NZ on dangers of 1080/Fluoride/Other Toxins & promote safer options.


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