Ways You Can Help

 "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke


There are so many simple ways to help ban poisons in our environment.


  • Education - Read watch and educate yourself, discuss this poison epidemic in you families and communities. For years the poisoners have got away with murdering the environment for the sake of greed because the truth has not been talked about openly.
  • Embrace a natural and holistic approach to conservation - treating the entire ecosystem as whole realising every action has a reaction
  • Share eyewitness accounts and petitions on the internet.
  • Take Part in community meetings and gatherings.
  • Donate to causes supporting the stopping of poisoning of blocks of land.
  • Donate to give a little causes for the court case funding of current cases.
  • Support the brave few willing to take a stand.
  • Take action, give time or whatever skills you have to make a difference.


Here is your chance to do something for future generations.


Rex and Betty's Petition. No animal should have to suffer like this.









Marilyn Nuske

Melbourne, VIC

27 Jan 2016 — I was recently contacted by Betty's family. Their much beloved pet had died while they were on holiday in Western Australia. Betty died after ingesting a 1080 laden bait. There was no warning. I am uploading a video of the event so that you might understand just why this Petition is so important to have any poisoning of animals stop but particularly 1080. It is a cruel way to die before time.


Te Whare o te Kaitiaki Ngahere [Guardians of the Forest]

stop 1080 Court fund















A Judge in a previous unsuccessful 1080 case advised us that if poisoners were breaching conditions of their Resource Consents then they could be pursued under the penal provisions of the Resource Consent Act.

So... We formed a kind of "1080 Police" - following and monitoring 1080 operations. We took affidavits from 23 witnesses, with over 400 breaches of Consents by DoC, Animal Health Board, and West Coast Regional Council.

We began a Society, the case was first filed in May 2012 and is now in the High Court.


The Court has decreed that we we need to provide up front $25,000 as a "Security of Costs", to be retained if we win the case, forfeited to the opposition if we lose.

We have been battling unaided for 3 years now but now we need your help.

We are asking for donations of whatever you can afford to help keep the case alive.

However, any substantial donations ($500 or over) is refundable to you if and when we win the case by emailing your Give-a-little receipt to our secretary Kath Lane: wildsidebackpackers@gmail.com

If we get over $25,000 the excess will be used for incidental costs such as photocopying, court filing costs, and a donation for travel expenses to our excellent pro-Bono lawyer. Go to Givealittle to donate and see progress

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