I would just like to say a big fat F*%K YOU to any c@#ts who have ever used 1080 in our forests! This is not the first time I've witnessed my father losing his pack to the bullshit poison and I can only feel sorry for him every time! When I was about 8-9 years old I watched my dads hunting dogs go through some harsh shit from being poisoned, they were not only his dogs they were mine too! I've been brought up to treat your hunting dogs you would a best friend, they do all the hard work, they catch, they provide and we watch them and have them with us for as long as we can they are our family.


So yesterday our dogs caught their last pig and Frog(black dog) died in the bush.....


Sas (tan and white dog) died on the way home and Kooti (brindle dog) early hours this morning.... Once Frog went we watched the others for awhile and they seemed fine but you just don't know.....

I'm heartbroken.


So for all you hunters out there keep this going "BAN 1080" FOR GOOD!



Frog, the black dog came out with a bone. When it comes to 1080 it does not take much. Studies done overseas have found carcasses can remain biocidal for a year or more. Kaingaroa was 1080'd in October 2014. Just after a drop is not the only unsafe time to take a dog out hunting. This is a tragedy that gets repeated time and time again. Not many bother to post on social media or even talk about it. It is a huge loss.


1080 & Dogs


Sara Kiel's Eyewitness Account




RIP Fur Babies Lost to 1080  -

A Warning to Pet Owners and Parents in NZ


It is becoming increasingly common to hear of beloved family pets and farm livestock falling victim to 1080 and other pesticide poisoning. while the Pest Control agencies will say they have taken all the correct precautions, advertising, signage, GPS and buffer zone distance from towns, houses and farms, it is still taking the lives of pets and stock on their own land and in public areas under unexpected circumstances.

After an animal has ingested poisoned pellets, depending on the animal type and size and how much it ate, can walk a long way, and in its agony, seek water, die far outside the buffer zone or be washed down a river where it's carcass can continue to kill a second wave of scavenging animals and birds. 

While our Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment (Dr Jan Wright) claims that only 8 dogs have been reported killed in New Zealand by 1080 poison since 2007, this is a gross underestimation.

The testimonies of the people below are merely the tip of the iceberg and we thank them for sharing their painful stories.




1080 Eyewitness 20th January 2016


Rae Rae - Im truly sorry for your loss (Tracey Griffin). We too loss our sons 2 year old bulldog on Sunday just been, while he was being cared for by a caregiver while they were away on there honeymoon, through poison. As like you we are not sure if it was definitely 1080 but was definitely some sort of poison but a huge possibility. Happened while walking along the local river early evening on a lead as well. He suffered tremendously and lasted a mere but long just under 5 hours finally ending his suffering of major internal bleeding, vomiting, fluild on the lungs and struggling to breathe, being acute on arrival at vets as unconscious and unresponsive, passing at 2220hours from heart failure. Its a horrible thing to hear never loan see and I believe it is time that something is done before more loved animals or even children are effective. RIP our fur babies x





MATT SHAND Stuff.co.nz January 20 2016


A beloved rescue dog was dead within hours after ingesting 1080 poison on an afternoon walk in a Taupo forest last week. 

Buster's owners Stacy and John Lewis are angry about the lack of notification about the drop in Motouapa's Hatepe forest and say signs were not in place warning of the poison danger. 

They said it was every dog owners nightmare- to watch them die in pain.


The Lewis family said they walked the same track every day and would have noticed the signs if they'd been there.

"I miss him," she said. 

"It's hard having no one to walk. I just don't want to see this happen to someone else. 

"It was day one, and my dog's dead. It could happen to anyone. It's too close to a residential area."


Read the full article on STUFF.co.nz 

read from saved pdf

SPCA rescue dog killed by 1080 poison in Taupo Forest






I am devastated. This is our loyal, loving, intelligent family member.....POISONED!


Penelope Young We suspect 1080....Lulu is in now having a full autopsy.....$1050 dollars later. ..is it any wonder the government get away with poisoning us...who can afford an autopsy?

"Lulu's family are seeking justice for her excruciating death and Penelope Young will be taking the report in to Manukau Police Station
so they can now do a full investigation and report on the appalling circumstances leading to her ingesting a possum poisoned by 1080 during aerial drops on Auckland's water catchment in the Hunuas.... This may be the first time that a complaint against DOC and Auckland Council has been laid with the police for violations of the Animal Welfare Act but considering the vigour with which they have been investigating the cases of poisoned animals in Hamilton Lulu's family are expecting a successful prosecution since in this case the culprits have even boasted of their exploits."



Penelope Young:  We lost our family member yesterday morning from suspected 1080 poisoning. We are waiting for the toxicology report.....her symptoms were exactly that of 1080 poisoning. Poor darling had a heinous, cruel, painful demise. She died on our property. We had taken all of the necessary precautions. I received an email from council last week saying that it was safe.....Lulu's death happened yesterday.....safe?

1080 Eyewitness -  23rd September 2015  

Lulu's Story 


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Toxicology report now confirms 1080 poisoning

Thursday, 8 October 2015, 11:15 am Press Release: Tricia Cheel


Lulu's family are seeking justice for her excruciating death and Penelope Young will be taking the report in to Manukau Police Station
so they can now do a full investigation and report on the appalling circumstances leading to her ingesting a possum poisoned by 1080 during aerial drops on Auckland's water catchment in the Hunuas.

The SPCA have also been informed and it is hoped that they too will prosecute those responsible for this sad loss.

Nothing will bring Lulu back nor easily stop the children's nightmares but maybe a successful prosecution will help stop the indiscriminate dropping of this highly hazardous poison from the air. Read More 


Dog dies after swallowing 1080: vet

STUFF.CO.NZ - Last updated 15:16, October 1 2015

An Auckland woman is launching a legal battle after her dog died of 1080 poisoning.

Penelope Young said her three-year-old black Labrador Lulu endured a "cruel" and "painful" death after biting into the carcass of a possum that had been poisoned by 1080 bait in south Auckland's Hunua Ranges.

A toxicology test by veterinarian Michael Hardcastle confirmed on Wednesday that the "result supports a diagnosis of 1080 toxicity in this patient".

The report noted "the detection of any quantity of 1080 in biological materials is abnormal".

Young said that in the early hours of last Wednesday morning Lulu had retrieved a dead possum from their property, which backs on to the Hunua Ranges.

Read full story


1080 possum bait found in dead dog's stomach

Wayne Thompson NZ Herald 8:45 PM Thursday Oct 1, 2015


The poison 1080 has been found in the stomach of a pet dog which died at a home near Auckland Council's massive park possum control operation.

Read the full article


Who murdered Lulu ... ? Contamination scare ...

Tasmanian Times First published October 5 2015


It is with great sadness that I write this. I am writing in the hope that it will NEVER happen to anyone else. My family will never be the same again, all because of a senseless, unnecessary murder. I know who killed Lulu, this is part of the problem, and this is part of my heavy heart. The Department of Conservation murdered Lulu. The Managing Director of Pest Research and the government and all of the supporters of 1080, killed Lulu, will your beloved pet or stock be next? Will your child be next? Not only are we all at risk so is the destruction of our eco system by this indiscriminate man made killer; 1080! This is my story … See more 



At least 65 dogs in a year poisoned by 1080 in

New Zealand

Scoop Article By Dr J Pollard (BSc (Hons), PhD, Zoology)
November 15, 2011


Research by the National Poisons Centre and the Otago University’s Pharmacy School which was presented at an International Poisons Congress in 2008 found that dogs across New Zealand are at extreme risk of poisoning from 1080(1).

The researchers carried out a postal survey of 125 randomly-selected veterinarians. Fifty-two vets responded and within their practices over a one year period, 65 dogs poisoned by 1080 had been dealt with. Three of the 52 respondents had each treated 10 cases. Only 25% of the treated dogs survived (only those that had not shown clinical signs of poisoning before treatment).

The 65 dogs will be a fraction of actual cases dealt with because not all vets in the country were involved in the survey, and not all dogs poisoned with 1080 will get to the vet. The researchers told the conference that in New Zealand “Poisoning of dogs by 1080 is widespread with no defined management in place.”


Read the article at source  Download a PDF



Dogs - from Poisoning Paradise by the Graff Boys


Above: Video Link - Peter Findlay Rottweiller Breeder - Thames and Lance Aldridge Farmer - Lake Taupo speak out about their losses  (Warning: Shows graphic footage).



While there is no antidote, the National Pest Control Agencies have published brochures intended to keep your dogs and livestock safe.

While this is all good in theory, how can one keep a family pet safe if the pellets, dust or poisoned carcasses arrive unwelcome in their own property?

For what it is worth, download the safety brochure 1080 & Dogs Don't Mix.




Michelle Cottage's Story

        1080 Eyewitness 12 February 2015



Since buying a rural block of land, we've been subjected to 3 aerial drops of 1080 on nearby and neighbouring land. We've lost pets and stock to each drop, been bullied and threatened by the pest control supervisors - all reported at the time to the company responsible and also included in a submission to the ERMA whitewash - not to mention having had to collect and bury the corpses of all the dead birds we find in our paddocks in the months following each drop. However, the worst drop for us by far was in 2003. A large number of dogs in the area were poisoned that year and we lost three.


At that time I was still relatively naïve concerning 1080 and when I was told by the pest control people that my dogs would be safe if kept on our land I believed them. Within a couple of weeks of the drop, I came home from school pick up to find Bessie (an aged working collie whom we had rescued from the pound) and Whitby (a young collie we had taken in as a pup from a neighbouring farmer who was threatening to shoot him and his litter-mates) very unsettled, panting hard and seeming disorientated. They rapidly became acutely distressed: growling, whining and snapping at themselves, then taking off under the house and thrashing about. It was at this stage I realised that they must have been poisoned but, even if I had been able to crawl under the house (I was pregnant at the time) and carry them out and into the truck without getting bitten, the nearest vets is a good 40 minutes drive away and they would have been dead before we got there. And so the kids and I were forced to listen to our pets howl and scream in pain as they convulsed and died.
I managed to get hold of the boss at Southern Pest Management the next morning. He pretended to be sympathetic, claiming it was a rare and very unfortunate accident, and that perhaps a hawk had flown out of the drop zone with a piece of poisoned corpse and dropped it into our paddocks, where our dogs had then found it. He said the chances of it happening again were non-existent.


After burying our pets and mourning them, a month or so later we decided to adopt a tiny puppy from the SPCA as company for our sole remaining dog, Lola, who was missing her murdered playmates as much as we were. Although we had been re-assured it would not happen again, we took the extra precautions of no longer walking our dogs in our paddocks or forestry - either driving them down to the beach or restricting them to the front garden. If I had to go out without the dogs, I would chain them so they couldn't wander down to our paddocks. Our new puppy, Jess, was dead within weeks. I came home from school pick up (having left her chained to the shed) to find her barking and snapping at her belly. She was in such distress that it took me nearly five minutes to unchain her and when I did she immediately raced off under the house. She died soon after, screaming horribly as she passed. I rang Southern Pest Management that afternoon, screaming down the phone at the boss what had just happened and threatening him with the media.


He drove straight out, apologizing profusely (although from later dealings with this prick, I now know it was all pretence), and explaining that there had been a number of problems with the drop - the public had not been adequately notified or informed of the risks, and he had already received reports of at least 10 other dogs having been poisoned locally. Contrary to what he had previously told me, he then explained that sometimes mammals and birds poisoned by 1080 could travel a great distance before finally succumbing to the poison, and that obviously a poisoned rat or something had run onto our land and under our garden shed to die... and for Jess to eat. He promised to send me staff out to comb our land for poisoned corpses the next day and to bring me a muzzle for our sole remaining dog. When the guys turned up next morning and I told them what their boss had said, they told me that it was bullshit and he knew it. They said any creature within a 30k radius of the drop zone, which would pick up or consume poisoned meat/corpses, was at serious risk and that (again contrary to what their boss had told me) it could take up to a year for the poisoned corpses of possums, birds etc. to decompose adequately/no longer pose a threat to scavengers.

As postscript, a few years later, when I was unfortunate enough to again have dealings with the head (Joe) of Southern Pest Management, and reminded him of the pets we had already lost to his poison operations, plus the other 10 dogs he had quoted me as having died from the 2003 Akatore drop, he blithely informed me that actually that number had been revised to 24+!

1080 is not humane, it kills agonizingly and it keeps killing; it is not targeted, it kills not only other mammals but also the very birds the poisoners claim to be protecting; 1080 is not safe to humans, whilst the short term effects are serious enough, the long-term effects are still worryingly unknown; 1080 is a class 1 toxin and its use should be outlawed, there is simply no need for it.



        Pete Lusk - 1080 Eyewitness -  23rd September 2015  


Below: Believe it or not, a possum carcass in this state is quite capable of killing a dog that nibbles on it. I was alerted to the carcass by a Westport woman who had taken her dog for a walk. The dog had found it just above high tide mark but didn't touch it. The woman rang me and I picked it up on Oct 1 last yr. This is 6 months after the North Buller 1080 drop which is where it probably came from, floated down the Kawatiri/Buller River. I couldnt be sure it was a 1080 possum so I put it in a bucket and hung it up a tree with the lid slightly ajar, so flys could get in. Maggots grew on the meat that was left on the carcase but it looks like they just got to quarter grown and died. So I reckon we have a lethal carcase here. Im very careful where I put it. If I keep it any longer Ill put it back up the tree where a dog cannot possibly reach it.





Assistance Dogs New Zealand

Chief executive and ADNZ trainer Julie Hancox said Casey was one of the first dogs the organisation had bred itself.

It cost $20,000 and a year-and-a-half to breed, raise and train a dog like Casey, she said.

Assistance dogs are different to guide dogs as they are purpose-bred and trained to assist a range of disabilities.

"This is a huge and devastating loss because we are such a small charity," she said.

ADNZ provides dogs for a number of different and complex disabilities including:  Down syndrome, autism, diabetic alert, Fragile X, Alzheimer's, and other complex disabilities or combinations of disabilities.

Assistance Dogs New Zealand has a waiting list of more than 40 people.

"This is the first time we have lost a dog so young, we match about 8 to 10 dogs a year with those on our waiting list.

"90 percent of the dogs go to children and as they grow we upskill the dog to match the person's needs."

Assistance Dogs New Zealand is a not-for-profit organisation that relies on dog sponsorships and donations.

Casey was born to ADNZ dogs Bella and Danny and was sister to Chase, Chance, Cooper, Callie, Cleo, Connie, Caz and Codee.

ADNZ posted an earlier statement on behalf of Casey's family.

"Rest in peace our beloved Casey. You were the best and so much more than just our noble Assistance Dog," it said.

"We miss you terribly and will remember you always for being the sweet, fun loving girl you were.

"Wish your time with us could have been many, many years longer. See you in heaven one day darling dog. We will love you always."

Read the Entire Article




Assistance dog killed by possum poison at dog park


JESS MCALLEN AND TOM CARNEGIE - Auckland Now - STUFF.CO.NZ  September 28 2015








1080 Eyewitness -  July 12th 2015  

Clean Conservation 

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