DVD Victim or Villain

Since its first release in 1837 into the forested hills behind Riverton, Southland the possum has become both a villain and a resource.


Travel a poison line with veteran possum hunter Murray Mcintosh still catching possums in his eighties and Bruce Dawson who has turned a pest into a resource.


Learn about the controversy of 1080 and the endless bureaucracy affecting possum trappers. Join DOC scientist Josh Kemp as he explains the battle to save the birds.


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The Third Wave; Poisoning the Land 




"This is a book every keen conservationist ....should have, not only to read but as an invaluable reference book to counter absurd arguments put forward in favour of 1080 and other toxins. Highly recommended"
        - Tony Orman in New Zealand Outdoors

"If you want a really good read and an in-depth study of what is happening in our protective government departments, get a copy of this book and read it for yourselves."
        - Graeme Carter in New Zealand Fishing and Outdoors

"Benfield raises so many questions, supported by references to papers in science journals....If he is only half way correct, we are seriously going down the wrong path in New Zealand.....A must-read for all New Zealanders" 
        - Greg Duley, Editor of New Zealand Hunter


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At War with Nature; Corporate Conservation and the Extinction Industry. 

This is a book about how the destruction of one of the world’s most unique, ancient and unspoiled wilderness areas has led to the growth of an international industry eradicating animals and plants which have been deemed to be “invasive”. That is because they are where pseudo-scientists say they should not be. What New Zealand began as an industrialised extermination has now become island eradications in many parts of the world. To expand and grow, it must either seek more islands, or widen its scope to cover whole nations; that is what it is now doing

The parasitic riders who drive this conservation gravy train are:- 

  • Government conservation agencies who seek to increase their bureaucratic power and influence, 
  • The agri-chemical industry who supply the chemicals and poisons. 
  • The powerful and wealthy conservation charities who whip up the concept of “threats to nature” as a way generating donations, bequests and corporate sponsorships. 
  • The academic and science institutions who see in it a rich seam of grant money for supplying junk science in support of the eradication industry. 


Eradications are carried out on a scale reminiscent of the US military aerial deforestation of Vietnam with “agent orange”. Here, for all wildlife, the animals, birds and insects, the poisons used are super-toxins such as brodifacoum and 1080. For vegetation, they have devised new wonder chemical cocktails such as “Armageddon”. It is total ecosystem genocide. 
To whip up a public fervour to help justify such mass environmental poisoning, the people are fed the concepts of invasive pests and threats. Thus, harmless creatures are demonised and need be shown no mercy. By deliberate and devious propaganda, the public are kept unaware, that in the blinkered rush of zeal to kill “pests” and “predators”, the eradication industry is killing everything else, even the rare and endangered species such as an entire monitored population of rock wrens from an aerial 1080 poisoning at New Zealand’s Kuhurangi National Park. 
It is a war against nature. 


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