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Deer farmer's stock poisoned by 1080

The Press 03/08/2008

A West Coast deer farmer has lost two thirds of his herd after deadly 1080 pellets were dropped over his property.

Before the Animal Health Board drop on July 25, allegedly including a night time drop, Wayne Fairhall of Kaiata, 5km east of Greymouth, had 16 deer grazing his farm block.

By Friday, 10 of the animals were dead after grazing on the poisoned pellets and most of the others were holed up in a clump of bush on the farm, their fate unknown.

Fairhall said that on Monday the deer were running around fine but when he returned home from work on Tuesday he found a dead deer in the gateway.

"I got worried and started walking through the paddock and found more deer. I went round and there was 1080 everywhere."

His partner Anthea found a deer in its death throes while feeding out on Wednesday.

"She just sat with it, crying, while it called out. No-one should have to witness that."

The 1080 pellets were meant to be confined to the native bush and hills behind the farm.

But Vector Control Services, owned by the West Coast Regional Council, disputed Fairhall's claim that the pellet drop had missed the intended zone, saying it had written permission to drop 1080 in the paddock and that stock food had been given to make up for the loss of grazing.


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The Graff Boys - Published on Aug 8, 2012

Taihape sheep farmer - Allan Westerman - was looking for lost sheep after an aerial 1080 poison drop on the back of his property. What he found is disturbing. This is the same issue the SPCA spoke out against last week. A total of 10 poisoned deer were found, and it's just the tip of the iceberg. 


Deer mass-poisoned -

Taihape farmer speaks out


Cattle die after 1080 poison drop in Waikato


Published on May 25, 2014

38 cattle broke through a fence and entered a 1080 poison drop zone in the Waikato region. 2 are dead, and it is unknown how many others may be poisoned. The question that remains is - What will happen to the other 36 animals - will they be culled or will they stay in the foodchain? Farmer Chris Barker speaks about the incident ...

1080 poison coverups -

farmers speak out


Published on Jun 4, 2014

1080 poison is dropped from helicopters and is used to kill possums and rats. However, at times, farm stock is also killed. These farmers discuss how the 1080 industry is very creative at avoiding reporting these incidents. Department of Conservation had been asked to comment on several occasions, but declined. The full documentary can be seen by copying and pasting this link ... http://youtu.be/yQRuOj96CRs

Not Only Cruel,1080 Is A Threat To Farming, Exports and the Entire Food Chain


For every animal that dies of 1080 poisoning, how many receive sublethal doses, and continue on into the food chain? At what point will it cost NZ in Export revenue? 

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